Yoga Rafting Expedition in Nepal

Yoga & Rafting Expedition in Nepal


  • On this yoga rafting expedition in Nepal you will travel 270 km from the lush hills near the Tibetan border, down through jungle, all the way to the flat plains near the Indian border
  • Enjoy nature’s showers with epic waterfalls
  • Practice Yoga in the wild daily
  • Relax, unwind and practice mindfullness
  • Camp on white sandy beaches
  • Visit remote Hindu temples

    Take a break from your busy life and join our yoga rafting expedition in Nepal and delve into the sacred tradition of yoga and meditation whilst submerged in nature. Grab a matt and a paddle and get out into the wild, where nature is our classroom. This is our most talked about trip, and you can certainly see why it’s so popular

    People do Yoga for a number of reasons…to feel fitter, be more energetic, to be happier and peaceful and we think the river offers the perfect environment to practice it.

    This 9 day retreat combines the adrenaline of white water rafting with the peacefulness of yoga practice in the beautiful nature of Nepal. As we make our way down the Sun Kosi river, we experience all the best of adventure, relaxation and nature.

    What to expect...

    We start our days on this yoga rafting expedition in Nepal with an early sunrise yoga session that warms up the body and prepares us for a day of paddling on the beautiful river whilst immersed in the most beautiful scenery. Practicing sun salutations with the rays of the Himalayan sun on your face will awaken your body as well as your spirit. The morning is also a great time for us to practice our concentration and expansion through different yogic breathing techniques.
    In the afternoon after a day on the river we have more flexibility and heat in our bodies and can go deeper into stretches and posture in a more dynamic flow class. On a few of the  days we will paddle fewer hours/are off the river and do small workshops focusing on our alignment, breath and other aspects of yoga such as the philosophy behind and the different components of yoga.

    Who can join?

    The retreat is for beginners and intermediate practitioners who would like to explore yoga in its true natural environment.

    Imagine doing a yoga retreat on a white sandy beach with just the noise of the river in the background...
    The groups we have had on this trip before have called it their ‘best rafting expedition ever!’If you think this sounds like the trip for you, then email us now for more information.


    Autumn 2020

    On Request

    Spring 2020

    On Request
    (Private groups also available)

    About the teacher: Mahendra Mahat

    Mahendra has been working with GRG since 2012. He is a yoga instructor, philosopher and an incredible person. He brings a new element to our trips and is our most requested guide.

    He is a very skilled yoga practitioner and has a great personality. He is also trained in Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki. We are very lucky to have him as part of our ever growing team.

    On this trip he will offer you yoga, reiki, singing bowl therapy and massages. 









    III+ / V

    8 days (9 if traveling by bus)

    GRG Office, Thamel, Kathmandu at 9am on fixed departures

    From: Dolalghat
    To: Chumligtar (4 hour drive to Kathmandu or Pokhara)

    Volume in November : 400cms (1400 cfs)

    Sept – Nov, End of April – June

    US$900 / £740 per person


    You will leave from Kathmandu early in the morning after our guides have loaded up our private bus. A short three hour drive takes us to our put in point at Dolaghat. After lunch we will set up the rafts, give you a safety briefing, load the gear raft and set off down the river.

    This is the start of our 270km journey. It is a fairly easy start to the trip, with just a few Grade 2 rapids. We will take a break after an hour or so to visit a local Hindu temple which your guide will show you around before we reach our camp on Butterfly Beach. A relaxing first day takes us away from the busy roads and into the heart of the villages.

    We will set up our camp, have some yummy food and enjoy watching the stars overhead on a beautiful white sandy beach. You can help us to prepare the vegetables if you wish, or spend the afternoons fishing, reading, playing football, doing yoga or simply relaxing on the beach. There’s plenty to do to keep you occupied!

    Today is the start of our proper yoga sessions. We will get up at sunrise to practice some gentle yoga.

    After packing up the camp we have a slightly more exciting day with two big class rapids “No exit” (Grade 3) and “Meatgrinder” (Grade -4) as well as many smaller wave trains to keep us moving. Whilst the rapids change each year due to the severity of the monsoon, the old favourites always remain in tact. 

    The Tamba Kosi joins the river increasing the volume just before we reach our camp. You will also have the opportunity to try a few cliff jumps, explore some bat caves and track for tiger footprints.

    In the evenings for those who have never tried kayaking we can give you some lessons in rolling, crossing the river and other necessary skills so that you can paddle down in the days that follow if you wish.

    Evenings will be spent enjoying drift wood camps fires and river chilled beers telling stories of the adventures we had that day. 

    Every morning we will start in the same manner with a sunrise yoga session.

    The river starts to build up in volume today with more rivers spilling into it. Just below the confluence of the Likhu Khola we negotiate the “Anxiety” series of rapids, including, pre, post and “High Anxiety”.

    Again plenty of time to play in the warm waters, keep an eye out for those cheeky monkeys, enjoy the scenery and perhaps have a little go at kayaking. Once we set up camp you will have the chance to play football with the locals, walk through the jungles and explore. Local villagers who will no doubt join us for a sing song around the camp fire once the sun goes down.

    Todays the day you have all heard about…”Hakapur” the biggest rapid we will encounter on this journey. We will stop at the village before we hit the rapid to stock up on supplies. We’ll then head down to scout the rapid.

    Depending on the season and water levels, this rapid may or may not be runnable. If it is, be prepared to get wet! Then just as you get your breath back its time for Hakapur II, which can sometimes be more exciting that the original! We will camp at the confluence of the Sun Kosi and Dudh Kodi tonight which is the river running from Everest. Here you will meet our long time Baba friend, a Holy man who has lived in a cave here for the passed five years and boy does he have some stories to tell!

    The Dudh Kosi is much colder than the Sun Kosi, and you will notice a change in the river colour after here with it turning more emerald in colour. 

    Today we will take things easy. Rather than jumping on the raft, we will have a day on a stunning white sandy beach. Extended yoga sessions will be offered, as well as optional hikes to surrounding villages, fishing and simply relaxing and soaking up the surroundings. 

    In the coming few days you can expect “Jaws” I, II & III’ , “Rhino Rock” and “Jungle Corridor” which is basically 10km of non-stop rapid with big bouncy waves finished off with “Rollacoaster” which if you are in the mood is a safe place for us to flip the raft (and of course, lots of yoga along the way)! A highlight of these days is the big impressive waterfall we will stop at for a well deserved shower.

    The “Big Dipper” and “Black Hole” are the last big rapids on the river and a fitting finale to the Sun Kosi. You will notice the difference in scenery as the jungle dissapears along with the mountains making way for the flat Indian Plains. For those that dare, you will also have to opportunity to jump for a 30ft bridge into the river below and depending on the water levels.


    Today is our last morning yoga session. One last big breath of fresh river air before we head back to the sights of Kathmandu.

    Just after the confluence of the Arun and Tamur rivers we will stop at a Holy Hindu temple,Baraha Chhetra to view the sights and get a blessing.

    After this we will relax and enjoy the last hours float to the take out, Chatra. Here we will unload the gear one final time and load up the bus ready to return to Kathmandu.

    We will go to a local hotel for dal bhat before the journey home. A time for a cold beer and celebration for the expedition we have just completed. 

    We will then either drive to Biratnagar airport for a quick 45 minute flight to Kathmandu where we will reach around 7pm or if you have opted for the bus you will travel overnight before arriving in Kathmandu the following morning around 9am. 


    • All staff, including highly qualified & licensed Guides and professional Safety Kayakers all fluent in English and holding up to date First Aid Qualifications.
    • Daily yoga instruction
    • Yoga matt
    • All camping equipment including toilet tents, shelters, matresses, sleeping bags, tarps, personal tents etc. No additional charge for sleeping bag hire.
    • All meals and water whilst on the river. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and juice will also be provided. Read our FAQ to see what tasty treats we will serve you.
    • Transportation to and from the river by bus
    • All equipment, including PFD’s, helmets, dry tops, throw bags, dry bags, pelican boxes, wetsuits, paddles, etc all at international standards and regularly checked.
    • If you are kayaking with us, kayak hire is also included in the cost. See which kayaks we have here.
    • Porters.
    • River permits.
    • Gear Raft support.
    • Extensive medical kit.
    • Trip photos *make sure you bring a USB stick along with you.


  • Unrelated travel, visas, insurance, travel documents etc… Items of a personal nature (toiletries, personal medication, clothing, camers…)
  • Personal insurance
  • Alcohol and additional snacks.
  • Travel insurance. To travel with GRG’s you are required to have adequate insurance for the activity you are participating in, we have the necessary insurance for our crew but you must have your own seperate policy)
  • Optional tips for guides.

    What an awesome trip. You couldn’t explain or put into words this wonderful experience! All the boys looked after us like family,Bimal, Santosh( mini Pez) Amir and Rupesh ( my adopted sons) kali (Roxy 1) chitra ( Roxy2) and Mahindra (yogi) yoga teacher who managed to somehow tie me into a pretzel. The rafting was not only exhilarating in the white water it was also relaxing meandering down the river whilst the local adults and children alike rushed down to the river banks to wave and say Hello. Such friendly people! Yogi our yoga instructor didn’t stop smiling, he taught an array of different yoga disciplines every morning and explained the philosophies behind them. He was extremely helpful nothing was a problem for him! Camping on white sandy beaches, sitting, dancing and singing round the camp fires with our crew and fellow travellers. We laughed from start to finish! This trip was truly enlightening. We can’t thank you all enough 😃🙏😘
    world peace pagoda
    Nadine P.



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