Karnali Dam

Karnali. What’s the Dam idea?!

The Karnali, at 507 kilometers is Nepal’s longest river. Flowing through remote western Nepal from the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet all the way through to India where it becomes the Ghaghara river. Currently, it is the only major river left in Nepal not to be dammed. Yet. However, the threat of hydropower has been […]

Christmas in Nepal

Give the Gift of Adventure this Christmas

Time to fill that stocking up! It’s nearly Christmas, one of the most exciting times of the year, have you ever thought about spending Christmas in Nepal? Are you getting stuck with what to give this Christmas? Trying to think of something original? Something exciting? Something unique? Something you can do together? It’s hard to […]

boudhanath stuupa Kathmandu

Top 10 Things to do in Kathmandu

What to do in Kathmandu I hear you ask. So you’ve got a few days before and after your incredible whitewater rafting expedition in Nepal and thinking how to fill your time? There’s plenty to do with your time here no matter what your interests are as Kathmandu is full of adventure, culture, history, religion, […]

Himalayan Whitewater Challenge

Himalayan Whitewater Challenge 2017

It’s that time of year again, the 16th Himalayan Whitewater Challenge is just around the corner! This year it will be hosted on the Trisuli River on the 21-23rd November 2017 Organised by NARA (Nepal Association of Rafting Agents), its a great event to bring kayakers and spectators together with the main aim of promoting […]

The Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal

The Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal

The Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal Are you wondering which are the Best Rivers to Raft in Nepal? In Nepal, you are spoilt for choice for rivers for to go rafting on. So if you have never been to Nepal, or don’t know much about whitewater rafting in Nepal it can be quite tricky to […]