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New Location in Pokhara! We are still primarily based in Kathmandu, but recently Chrissy has accepted a new job managing a charity in Pokhara, which means we will now have a store and contacts in Pokhara making organising your kayaking logistics in Pokhara that little bit easier! If you planning on heading over to Pokhara, give us a bell and Chrissy can help you with any arrangements that you need!


Opportunity for Junior Nepali Paddler with World Class Kayak Academy - The World Class Academy will be spending their fall semester in Nepal and GRG's will be organise all logistical support for them. They are offering the opportunity for one junior Nepali paddler to join the school as a student for the full semester. If anybody is interested in this amazing opportunity, please contact us for more details.


HIMALAYAN RIVER FEST 2012 - GRG's is one of the main event sponsors of the first ever Himalayan River Fest held in November this year. Sponsors also include Riot Kayaks, Robson, WRSI and Aquapac. This is a festival NOT to be missed. Visit the website for more info on how to participate, spectate or volunteer at this fest.



Sanu Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa up for National Geographic Adventurers of the year Award! - Sanu and Lakpa undertook what many would think a ridiculous challenge..to paraglide off thr Summit of Everest and then kayak all the way from the Ganges to the Indian ocean. Please show your support and vote for them


Canyoning in Nepal - This season, GRG's is expanding and starting to offer more Canyoning trips in Nepal. James Cooper from the UK Canyon Guide Assocaitation will be coming over in the off season to train all our staff in Canyoning and he will be guiding many of our trips. We will be offering trips in Chauraudi and Jalbeiri. Come and join a trip! As of Autumn 2012 we will also be offering Canyoning Training Courses hosted by James and Joe of the Canyon Guide Assocaition. Dates to be fixed soon. Email for details.


Bramaputra River Expedition - This December, Maila has been asked to lead an expedition of kayakers down the Bramaputra River in India. He has ran this river a few times and is one of the biggest rivers on the planet. The expedition will start from Tuting. They will then raft approximately 180 kms of this river to Pasighat, negotiating exciting rapids and passing through remote inaccessible gorges with impenetrable dense tropical rain forests. If you would like to be involved in this trip, send us an email for details.


Himalayan Whitewater Challenge 2011 - This years Rodeo will be held on the 2-4th Dec on the Bhote Kosi in Nepal. If you are in Nepal during this time please come along, compete, spectate and show your support for Nepali paddlers. For more info on this event please email us.


ROBSON PADDLES - From April 2011, Maila is now being sponsored by Robson Paddles. He got given his first set of Robson Fluids and had been using them on every trip since. We're looking forward to get out to some compeitions and using the paddles.


TOURISM YEAR 2011 OPENING CEREMONY - 2011 is the year of Tourism for Nepal. In January the GRG's team joined NARA (Nepal Association of Rafting Agents) to show their support for this event by walking through the streets of Kathmandu and participating in a big event.
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HIMLAYAN WHITEWATERCHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 - Every year in Nepal, hundres of kayakers flock to the Trishuli river to battle it out to become the Himalayan Whitewater Champion. Over the passed 5 years, our very own Maila Gurung has taken the crown 3 times and come second the other two. This year Pramoud Gurung also came in the top three and Sailendra Regmi came 3rd in the Freestyle, both representing GRG's.
See Kathmandu News article of this event.
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LAND OF THE LOST TIGERS - During the off seasons in Nepal, Kali often ventures overseas to Japan, Tibet and Bhutan to work. On one of these trips, he linked up with a TV crew from the BBC to help film 'Land of the Lost Tigers'. Helping lead the raft crews to remote areas as they embark upon a dramatic expedition searching for Tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.
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FIRST DESCENT - DRAMACHU RIVER - BHUTAN - On one of Kali's trips to Bhutan he was involved in the firts raft descent of the Dramachu River. First descents are becoming harder to come by these days as people are exploring more and mroe, but if there's one giong in this area you can guarentee Maila or Kali will be involved! Trip photos coming soon.


'ON THE MOVE' - A TV crew from News24 recently joined us for a rafting and safari trip to film a short documentary about tourism in Nepal. We took them to the Trishuli river and Chitwan National Park and they even interviewed Maila for a piece in their documentary.
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LOWER INDUS FIRST RAFT DESCENT - LADAKH, INDIA - Maila helped lead the raft descent down the Lower Indus all the way to the Pakistan border in India. Trip photos coming soon


HIMLAYAN WHITEWATERCHAMPIONSHIPS 2009 - Read more about Maila taking the whitewater crown for the third time.
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HIMLAYAN WHITEWATERCHAMPIONSHIPS 2008 - Maila did it again! Taking the Whitewater crown once more.